What's New in the MultiTimer application

See what's new in the Android MultiTimer application.

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Version: 0.8.2

Fixed minor bugs.

Version: 0.8.1

Fixed an issue with the icon search function.

Version: 0.8

Added Single Timer View mode.

To change the view from common, when all timers are visible on the board, to single view, you should click on a timer until the popup menu appears and then click on the "Single view" buttons.

Added support for Spanish and Chinese.

Fixed minor bugs.

Version: 0.7

Fixed some bugs.

Added support for the German language.

Added feature allowing you to subtract the time of the running timer.

Version: 0.6

Added support for the Danish language.

Added a feature that allows you to add time to a running timer.

Added an alert sound to notify you when the delayed period feature finishes.

Resolved an issue with closing the sound selection pop-up on Android 12.

Version: 0.5

Part #2
Added support for the Italian language and edited the general localization of the application.

Fixed a bug that occurred when creating multiple notifications.

Fixed a bug that prevented the notification sound from playing when the screen is locked.

Fixed a glitch with the context menu appearing in the board edit mode.

Updated the "Feedback" feature for direct communication with developer support.

Part #1

Added support for the Italian language.

Fixed a bug that occurred when creating multiple notifications.