How to set the recurring timer 

The Countdown timer includes the possibility of repeating an unlimited number of times.

When the autorepeat countdown function is enabled, the timer operation automatically resumes as soon as the countdown reaches zero.

The 'Auto-repeat' function can only be found in the Countdown timer settings. The function is located on the 'Time' page. Other types of timers do not have this feature.

To enable the function, you should turn on the switch that is opposite the 'Auto-repeat' item.


1. Open the timer settings - long press on the timer and then Edit button.

2. Go to the Time settings page - click on Time.

3. Enable Auto-Repeat function - located at the very bottom of the page.

Important notes:

For the countdown timer to be triggered and reset, you need to disable the timer 'Auto-repeat' function, which is located on the Time settings page in the timer settings and enable the 'Autocompletion' function. The timer resets 10 seconds after it finishes.

The 'Autocompletion' function cannot be activated or deactivated if the ‘Auto-Repeat' function has been activated in the timer Time settings.

If the 'Autocompletion' function was enabled before the ‘Auto-Repeat' function was activated, the 'Autocompletion' switch will turn grey-green and will not respond to touches.

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