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MultiTimer - list of time management tools

List of timers and tools available in current versions of the application.

This post contains some cases that will teach you how to manage and configure the Container feature to make it work the way you want to operate it.

Container: the ultimate guide
MultiTimer Command Buttons Feature

Implemented the ability to add command buttons to the boards...


Do I have to pay for the Android app again if I've already purchased the iOS app?

At the moment, the iOS and Android apps are only linked conceptually; therefore, the Pro Update of each version of the app is purchased separately.

The Android and iOS apps do not sync with each other

The current versions of the Android and iOS apps are only linked conceptually. But the apps do have a timer board export feature.

The export file can be imported into the app on either platform. The export feature is available with the Pro app update.

The upgrade is available by subscription as well as by one-time purchase.

Important note:
Purchases for the Android and iOS apps are not linked either.

Do the iOS and Android apps have the same feature set?

The basic functions of the app are the same on both platforms. However, the iOS app is a more mature app and therefore has a wider list of functions. But this fact does not reduce the capabilities of the Android version of the app; For instance the iOS version does not include the ability to undo user actions in the app - 'Cancel last action'.

You can compare the versions here.

Does the MultiTimer app support smart watches?

MultiTimer supports the Apple Watch app. It is a dependent app, meaning that the user cannot add or customize boards and timers in it. The app gets all the data from the app on the iPhone and the user subsequently controls them on the Apple Watch.

The timer data from the watch is synchronized with the timers on the phone. If you are having a sync trouble between devices, you can find a solution here.

The android version of the app does not currently have an app running on wareOS.

Do the timers save their operating time?

The Pro update opens such a possibility for users: after the timer or another tool has been stopped, the data about its work is recorded in a personal history.

These histories can be completed with comments and/or exported in any convenient way in *.csv file format.