How to export timer operation data [iOS]

Data is written to the timer log, which is called 'History', only after the timer has been stopped.

If the timer is still running (it remains active, i.e. paused), no data is logged because there is no end data - this makes sense.

You can export previously recorded data by clicking the 'Share' button on the History page of a particular timer.

The 'Share' button is located next to the 'Edit' button on the header of the History page.

The data is exported to a CSV file format. This file format can be opened by Excel, Numbers and other table editors.

You can also view detailed information about history entries.

The iOS version of the app allows you to leave a comment on any entry.

To do this, click on a journal entry to go to the details page.

You can access the History through the timer settings > the History item or in the side navigation Menu (sandwich menu) > History > Boards > Timers > History.

Important note:

Also, you can see 'Others' item in the History page.

The item stores the histories of the removed timers.