How to delete timers
in the iOS application [iOS]

There are 2 ways to remove timers on iOS / iPadOS / macOS.


- Tap the button in the upper right corner to enter the board edit mode.

- Tap on the timer to bring up a popup context menu.

- Click on the Delete button.

- Click the button in the upper right corner again to quit board edit mode.


- Go to the timer settings: long press on the timer or click on the "Edit" button on the popup context menu.

- Go down to the very bottom of the timer settings.

- Click on the "Delete" button.

Important notes:

The user cannot use gestures to control timers in Edit Board mode.

Instead of deleting a timer, the user can change its type; to do this, go to the timer settings, go down to their lowest setting, click on "Change Type" and select another type of timer from those in the list.

It is impossible to restore a deleted timer or board, unless they were previously saved in the exported board file.