Android Notifications and Alerts Troubleshooting

Third-party apps are killed when they are not being used and don't start in the background when a notification is received. Here are some workarounds to overcome power-saving settings applied by default and receive notifications. These instructions should help you activate your notifications and alerts. In case the notifications still don't work, please email us at, so we can look into your issue and assist you.

If mobile traffic saving mode is enabled on your phone or tablet, app notifications may not arrive on the mobile network.
The traffic saving mode is usually enabled in the network and Internet settings, or by using a button in the notification area.

This is not the only reason related to the connection for which notifications may not arrive, among others, you can highlight:

On Samsung Galaxy — in Settings — Device Maintenance — Battery — Power Mode. Try to set the "High Performance" mode.
On devices with their own interfaces, for example, Xiaomi or Huawei, the location of the battery saving settings item may vary, but it is usually easy to find (you can also use the settings search).

If notifications arrive but are not shown on the lock screen of your smartphone or tablet, you may have set the appropriate rules, or your antivirus did it for security purposes (displaying the contents of notifications on the lock screen is not the best solution in terms of privacy).

On a clean Android system: Settings —Apps and Notifications — Notifications — Notifications on the lock screen. There may also be an option to enable or disable notifications containing confidential data.
On Samsung Galaxy: Settings — Lock Screen — Notifications (enable).

In addition to the described cases, notifications may not be received for the following reasons:

Additional options

There are various third-party and pre-installed applications to optimize the operation of the phone. It is worth using them once, as they configure the operation of your phone at their discretion, for example, Phone Master (there are other similar ones).
At the same time, it is difficult to figure out in the application itself which option is responsible for the "glitches" that have arisen. The issue is solved simply by completely disabling such an application.

Huawei / Android 9 and later

Older EMUI versions:

Depending on the device and OS version, the location of menu items may differ.


To receive push notifications, set apps to be active in Stamina mode:



To fix MIUI push notifications, set the app to auto-start and disable battery optimization for that app:



If you have a Samsung on Android 6 and Smart Manager, do the following:

If you have a Samsung on Android 7, do the following:

If you have a Samsung on Android 8.0, do the following:



Leeco Le



If the steps above do not work.

Since Meizu uses the FlymeOS operating system, which is significantly different from most Android operating systems, you may experience problems with notifications.

Blackberry KEYone


Moto G7 Power