How to add time to
a in-progress / running timer [iOS]

Since some time, the application has received a unified time setting keypad.

Increase / decrease time applies only to active / running timers.

The buttons for adding time become available in a popup contextual menu after starting the timer. The contextual menu of the timer opens after a long press on the timer.

To add time to the timer, buttons +1 or +5 can be used, also to add or subtract an arbitrary time you should press '⋯'.

To add a time, type a number, then press the time value - Days, Hours, Minutes or Seconds.

Then tap the 'ADD TIME' button at the bottom of the pop-up form.

To subtract the time, first click the '±' button so that a minus sign appears, then enter the time value and then click the 'ADD TIME' button.

Important notes:

1. The timer can be paused before adding or taking away its time.

2. Whether the time added or subtracted, it affects only the timer's end time. This feature has no effect on the time parameter that has been set in the timer settings. 

3. The time on the keyboard can be calculated as if it were calculated on a calculator.

So, for example, if it is necessary to subtract 22.5 hours from 100 days, then it is necessary: to type 100 Days on the keyboard, then press '±' to appear a sign '-' after 100 Days and type 22 Hours. As soon as the user presses the time value (Hours), the time is automatically calculated. Next, also dial 30 Minutes.

The '+' sign does not appear in the calculation. Therefore, for instance, when it is necessary to get 50 minutes by adding 23 Minutes and 27 Minutes, just type "23 Minutes 27 Minutes" on the keyboard, pressing 'Minutes' after 27 will automatically calculate the time value.

When the calculation is complete, press the 'ADD TIME' button.

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