How to add your own icons [iOS]

The 'Icons' page to add icon to the timer

The current version of the application does not have an option or any special feature that would allow the user to add their own icons to the application.

How to add an icon now?

In order to customize the icon for the timer, as well as to set other parameters, the user of the application needs to enter the timer settings, which are opened by pressing the "Edit" button in the pop-up context menu after long pressing on the timer. Also, the timer settings can be opened by tapping the button in the upper right corner of the screen when the timer is in Single View - zoomed in timer.

The icon search and selection is done on a separate page of the timer settings - Icons.

Thus, the user needs to click on the 'NO ICON' item in the timer settings, which is next to the timer label field, to open the 'Icons' page.

There is an icon search field in the header of the page.

By entering a keyword or phrase describing the timer in the search field, the user gets search results.

The number of icons in the search results is always different.

The first few search results are the most frequently searched or used icons.

The collection of icons searched for is provided by the 'icons8' service ( - it's more than 100 thousand icons.

How to remove an icon

To remove a previously installed icon, the user must go to the 'Icons' page and select the very first icon that looks like the 'NO' text; This icon removes the icon option in the timer settings.