How to change the sound
of any of timers [iOS]

Perhaps one of the most significant features of the timer is the Alert sound.

When the user adds a timer to the board, it has a default alert sound specified in the settings. This sound can be changed in the app's Settings (Menu > Settings > Sound settings. SOUND OF TIMER ALERT: Default).

Subsequently, the user has the possibility to change the sounds and style of the timer alerting.

To do this, the user should:

1. Go into the timer settings and go to the 'ALERT' page by clicking on the corresponding settings item.

The timer settings can be opened in 2 ways:

Main timer settings page (Сountdown timer)

Main timer settings page (Сountdown timer)

2. On the 'ALERT' page the user can see 3 options: Play:...; Warning; Repeat.

Style and frequency alert settings page

Style and frequency alert settings page

3. After tapping on the first item of the 'Play:...' settings, a pop-up appears to select the alert method.
You need to click on the 'Melody' item to select a sound as the alert.

Popup window for selecting an alert style/method

Popup window for selecting an alert style/method

4. The application has a set of sounds that can be selected as an alert.
To assign a sound, you need to tap on it. Such sound will be played and checked.

Then you need to click on the '< Back' button to return to the previous page of settings.

You can check what style and sound is set for the timer by pressing the 'Play' button icon in the upper right corner of the page.

Pressing the '< Back' button, returns you to the main settings page.

Click the 'Done' button to save all changes and close the timer settings.

List of sounds for alerting

List of sounds for alerting

Important notes:

Play: {sound name}

By clicking 'Play:...' on the Alert page, you can select the following alert styles: Melody, Voice Alert, Vibration, No alerting.


When you click "Melody", the "Sounds" page opens - a set of available, preset sounds. All sounds are divided into sections, each sound has its own duration, which is indicated under the name of the sound.

Voice Alert

Clicking on the "Voice Alert" button opens a page where you can record any 30-second alert sound. It can be your own spoken text or another sound you just like.

To make a recording, you must click on the microphone icon. If the microphone icon is not available, you must go to the Settings app > MultiTimer application on your device and turn on the switch next to Microphone.

As soon as you release the microphone button, a pop-up will appear in which you can name the audio file.

To change the file name or delete it, you have to swipe it to the left.

The file selected as the notification sound is marked with a checkmark.


Tapping "Vibration" disables the sound alert and enables only vibration.

Tapping "No alerting" disables all alert styles.

You can check the notification style by tapping ▶︎, which is located in the upper right corner.

Some features only work when the app is running - is in the foreground.

The app does not allow you to add your own sounds - this is due to iOS limitations.

The interval timer has settings for a timer end sound and a start sound for each interval.

The stepped timer has a setting for both the timer end sound and the start sound for each interval.

We periodically expand the list of sounds by adding user-recommended tunes.