How to lock / unlock timers [iOS]

Users of the application have the ability to lock any timer, stopwatch and counter. The lock function is designed to prevent accidental gestures that could pause or reset the current timer state. Thus, the lock affects only the control gestures.

The function can be turned on and off by 2 methods:

Method #1.

1. Long press on timer so that the contextual menu pops up.

2. Tap 'Lock'.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to unlock. 

Method #2

1. Magnify the timer by using a two-finger gesture over the timer - 'Spread' or by tapping the button in the lower right corner that looks like a magnifying glass.

2. There are the control buttons below the timer.

Press the rightmost button to lock the timer.

3. The timer can subsequently be unlocked by either method #1, or by repeatedly pressing the lock control button underneath the timer.

Important notes:

When the timer or other tool is locked, an icon that looks like a closed lock appears next to it (at the bottom left).

In case the pop-up menu does not appear after long pressing on the timer, you should go into the optional settings of the application (Menu > Settings > Optional settings) and disable the 'Disable timer pop-up actions' option.

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