How to make the alarm persistent
until acknowledged [iOS]

MultiTimer Repeat feature settings

Many users report that they would like to have a notification sound for as long as the notification is active, just like the notifications the user receives from the application designed by Apple.

For sure, third-party developers would also like notifications from their apps to have the same capability. However, third-party apps can't do that because of current iOS limitations.

The MultiTimer app has a feature that makes notifications more intrusive, allowing the user to notice a completed timer in time. This feature is called 'Repeat'.

To set up the feature, you need to:

a) Long press on the timer and then press 'Edit' in the pop-up contextual menu.

b) Long press on the timer until its settings open. It works when the pop-up contextual menu is disabled in app Settings > Optional settings.

When the user has made a selection, a checkmark indicates it.

The 'Continuous' option sets the notifications to repeat continuously for 5 minutes.

Important notices: