How to move a timer from one board
to another one [iOS]

In order to perform any action on the objects located on the board, the user should switch to the board edit mode.

This can be done by clicking the button in the upper right corner. After that, the timer can be moved to any other area of the board or even another board.

Moving the timer is done by lightly touching the timer, and then you should immediately pull it to another area of the board. If the timer is brought to the edge of the board (left or right side of the screen) and waits about half a second, the user will move to another board with the timer. Then the user only has to release the timer in the right place.

Important notes:

#1 Not only timers but also any objects on the board can be moved in this way.

#2 Make sure that you are in Board Edit Mode to move the timers.

#3 When you are in board edit mode, you see the top toolbar and the board background as a grid - this mode lets you add/copy/delete timers, change layouts, apply additional features, and rearrange timers.

#4 Also, don't forget to click the button in the upper right corner to exit the edit mode.

Moving the timer to another board

Tip: Lightly press the timer and drag it.