How to set a timer with Siri [iOS]

The app supports Siri functionality.

You can see the 'SIRI SHORTCUTS' item by going into the timer settings.

The Siri Shortcuts page offers for a list of actions that you can set as a phrase to control the timer.

You can use Siri by saying like:

"Hey Siri, Start [timer label] using MultiTimer"

"Hey Siri, Pause [timer label] using MultiTimer"

"Hey Siri, Resume [timer label] using MultiTimer"

"Hey Siri, Stop [timer label] using MultiTimer"

Timers that support Siri: Countdown, Count-Up, Quick, Interval, Stepped.

Important note in relation to the Interval timer and Stepped timer

Adding timers (an example):

1. Add a board with the name "Tasks" (or rename if you have the free version of the app).

2. Add onto the board the Stepped Timer.

3. Enter the timer settings:

- Label the timer as "Cycle" (please, do not confuse with the intervals labels).

- Add and configure the required number of intervals (intervals can be without labels).

- Tap "Done" to store all settings.

Activate Siri:

1. Hey Siri, start "Cycle" using Multitimer.

When you receive a notification of the completion of the current interval, you should say:

2. Hey Siri, resume "Cycle" using Multitimer.

Using Siri, you refer to a certain timer by its name.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult for Siri to access timer intervals - it just does not understand them.