How to set the timer duration:
new time entry method [iOS]

The timer time parameter -- timer duration -- is not set using the classic date and time picker, but using a custom keypad, which consists of a field showing the time to be set, a numeric keypad, a time value button, a button to delete the previously set time, and a '±' button.

The timer time is set according to the logic of its reading. So for example to set 365 days : 23 hours : 59 minutes : 59 seconds, the user dials the time digits and presses the time value key in sequence: 365 'DAYS' : 23 'HOURS' : 59 'MINUTES' : 59 'SECONDS'.

Important notes:

1. The user gets the message 'Error: The time item cannot be empty!' when the user dials the numbers on the keyboard and does not select the time value (days, hours, minutes, seconds) by pressing the '< Back' button, or the user deletes the current timer duration, and presses also the '< Back' button to go to the main timer settings page.

When the 'OK' button is pressed, the error message pop-up closes and the user can continue to edit the timer time. 

If the user presses the 'Cancel' button, the user moves to the main timer settings page, the time parameter remains previous.

2. The '±' button can be used to edit the time in cases when there is no time to perform mathematical calculations in mind; for example, 2 hours 40 minutes was set initially, subsequently it was required to reduce the timer time by 45 minutes. To do this, simply press the '±' button so that a '-' sign appears next to the current time, then type 45 and press 'MINUTES' - this will automatically recalculate the duration of the timer.