How to skip the current interval
and go to the next one [iOS]

Both types of interval timers (Interval timer and Stepped timer) have the ability to skip the current interval and go to the next one. To skip the current interval, the user need to open the timer in the Single Timer View mode.

There are two ways to switch to this mode:

1. Zoom in on the tools on the board by clicking on the button in the lower right corner of the screen that looks like a magnifying glass. Then scroll through the tools until the board shows the interval timer you're looking for.

2. Use a gesture: spread two fingers over the timer to make it magnify. Putting two fingers together over the timer - reduces the timer to its original size.

When viewing a single timer, the skip current Interval button is located directly below the control buttons. It looks like ">> interval label".

The user can select another interval to run. To do this, they should click the interval list button, which is located after the "Pause" button, and tap the interval of interest.

Interval timer Single timer view mode to skip interval

Single Timer View Mode