Not able to Add Any Custom Ringtone

Using ringtones on the Moto G Power: You can use default notification tones or explore other options to personalize your MultiTimer application.. In case the alerts don't work, please email us at, so we can look into your issue and assist you.

Set ringtone for app notifications

To change the sound for all app notifications:

To change the notification sound for a specific app:

Tip: To change your alarm sound, open the Clock app and touch an icon that looks line a clock. Then touch arrow down.

When you are unable to add custom ringtone on Motorola Moto G-family devices

This problem has been tracked since 2018 and is not app related, but system related.

The problem occurs after updates are installed - the phones revert to the default ringtone.

You can try some checkpoints here. Hopefully this will help: