Chronometer with a preset time - duration parameter, which facilitates counting down the remaining time to an event in the reverse direction


Default countdown timer view

Default view / Reset timer / Dark theme

Countdown with an added icon

Label and icon added

Zoomed in countdown timer

Magnified view

Countdown timer in the Single View mode

Single view

Running countdown timer

Running time

Paused countdown timer

Paused timer

Countdown timer in light theme

Light theme

Countdown timer in blue theme

Blue theme


All timer settings can be divided into 3 visual blocks: setting the visual part of the timer, setting the time and alerts, and other timer functions.


1. The button to close the timer settings page and cancel all changes made in the timer settings.

2. The title of the page showing the name of the timer.

3. The "Done" button confirms the safety of all changes in the timer settings.

4. A set of color palettes. The selected color is marked with a dot in the center of the color.

5. Color Palette Settings button – How to change the color

6. Button for opening the search page and selecting timer icons – How to add your own icons

7. The name / label of the timer.

Color settings

8. Pointer to select the desired color. The pointer moves after the finger.

9. The button used to display the currently selected color and add it to the timer palette.

10. The current color set of the timer palette. 

11. The button to cancel changes and close the color palette settings window.

12. The button for saving changes in the timer palette settings.

13. The color moved from the color set to the palette field for further deletion.

Icon settings

14. Page title.

15. The button to return to the main timer settings page.

16. The keyword input field for searching for the relevant icon.

17. The icon that is selected to remove the timer icon.

18. A set of icons.


1. The item opens the timer duration settings page.

2. The item contains settings for ways to notify about the timer end.

3. Enabling and disabling the timer autocompletion function after it is completed.

Time settings

4. The button to return to the main timer settings page.

5. Page title.

6. Keyboard for entering time parameters – How to set a timer duration

7. Selection of options for displaying time units on the timer.

8. Enabling or disabling the automatic timer repeat function.

9. The pop-up for selecting the time units on the timer.

Important note: On the time setting keyboard, the Days and Hours buttons become locked when the user chooses to show 'Hours, Minutes, Seconds' and 'Minutes and Seconds', respectively.

10. Enabling or disabling the automatic timer repeat function.

When the function is enabled, the timer starts automatically immediately after completion. The timer restart process continues until the user resets the timer using the control buttons that are in the notification or directly in the running application.

Alert settings

10-1. The button to return to the main timer settings page.

10-2. Page title.

10-3. A button to play the configured timer alert method.

10-4. The item of choosing the method of alerting.

10-5. Timer completion warning function.

10-6. The item contains options for setting the timer completion notification repeat function.

11. A set of thematic audio tones. 

12. Voice alerting function settings.

13. Selecting vibration as a timer alert.

14. Disable all timer alerts.

15. The button to return to the Alert settings page.

16. Page title.

17. A set of sound tones. The selected tone is marked with a check mark to the right of the tone name.

18. The button to return to the Alert settings page.

19. Page title.

20. The button that looks like a mic to record any external sound for further use as an alert sound.

21. A list of previously created records.

22. Swipe the record to the left to reveal the Edit and Delete buttons.

23. Button to edit the name of the record.

24. The button for permanently deleting a record from the record list.

25. The message that the user receives after trying to delete a record.

26. Enabling / disabling the timer end warning function.

27. The item opens the settings page for notification repetition options after the timer is completed.

28. The option that disables the notification repetition function.

29. The ability to choose the optimal number of additional notifications.

30. Continuous repetition of notifications and alerts for 5 minutes.

31. Turning on/off the timer autocompletion function. 

When the function is enabled, the timer automatically resets to the preset time value in 9 seconds after completion.


1. The section includes a list of commands that can be configured in Siri to control the timer.

2. The section contains all the information about the timer operation.

3. A button with which the current timer type - the countdown timer - can be changed to any other type of timer, counter, stopwatch or tool.

4. The button to delete the timer.

5. The commands list that can be applied to the countdown timer using Siri.

6. The button to return to the Alert settings page.

7. Page title.

8. The button for exporting timer history records to a CSV file format.

9. Button for editing the list of timer history entries.

10. The title of the timer history table is the timer start time.

11. The title of the timer history table is the timer start date.

12. The title of the timer history table is the time that the timer has counted down.

13. Timer start time in hh:mm:ss format.

14. The time that the timer has counted since the start. The * sign means that the timer was reset before it was fully completed.

15. The total amount of time that the timer has worked for a given date.

20. The selected current timer type.

21. A list of tools available for selection to which the current timer type can be changed.

22. A warning message - confirmation of timer deletion via timer settings.